Give Thanks to Cincinnati’s Frontline Healthcare Workers

Image provided by Katelin Ramp


This pandemic has pushed the limits of our country’s healthcare system, and our frontline healthcare workers are feeling the effects. With COVID-19 tests, personal protective equipment, and ventilators in short supply, healthcare workers are forced to navigate through perilous conditions.

Our team at Cincinnati Home Dialysis knows the critical role these individuals play in keeping our communities safe and healthy. We want to show our healthcare heroes that their communities are here for them, too.

Frontline healthcare workers at Jewish Hospital receive lunch funded by community donations. (Image provided by Katelin Ramp)


Dr. Arshdeep Tindni, alongside other Cincinnati Home Dialysis staff, is leading an initiative to give back to local frontline healthcare workers. Communities Supporting Frontline Healthcare Workers of Cincinnati aims to bring Cincinnatians together to encourage and thank these heroes. Group members can offer their appreciation and donate to the fundraiser. All money raised will be used to purchase local food and gift cards for healthcare workers in our communities. The Cincinnati Home Dialysis care team is also sharing tips for minimizing your risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Your support helps boost the morale of our frontline heroes and shows them we are together in this fight. We hope you’ll join us in uplifting our Cincinnati healthcare workers!

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