Holiday Tips for Home Dialysis Patients


The holiday season can bring about mixed emotions, even for those without chronic kidney disease. You might feel resentful toward your body or sad for those who are no longer around to enjoy the holidays with you. By tuning in to your emotional needs, the holidays can be a joyful time for celebration and reflection. Here are a few tips to make the most of the season.

Make plans with others

One of the many benefits of home dialysis is being able to perform treatments on your terms. For many patients, this means traveling to meet up with loved ones is possible with a little planning. Whether you’re heading out of town or down the street, take time to meet up with family or friends. Connecting with those your care about can combat feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Bring yourself some joy

Share a little holiday spirit with yourself. Treat yourself to a movie day, a special gift, or an outing with a friend. Try volunteering with an organization in the Cincinnati area. Make time to do activities that lift your spirits.

Set a budget

Before the holiday ads arrive in your mailbox and your inbox, set a budget for what you’re willing to spend of gifts. Remember that a heartfelt gift like a handwritten card can have an even bigger impact than a gift from a store. Keep your energy level and financial situation in mind, and focus on what is reasonable and realistic for you.

Keep up with your kidney health

It’s tempting to reach for those sugary confections around the holiday table. Sticking to your home dialysis diet is critical to performing effective treatments and keeping your body healthy. If you’re getting together with family, work with your relatives to ensure there are dialysis-friendly foods on the menu. Keep up with your exercise routines and consider taking a walk to get some sunlight and boost your mood. Most importantly, don’t skip your treatments!


Your Cincinnati Home Dialysis care team is here to support you during the holidays and through every season of your life. Dialysis support groups are often active during the holidays, and we’d be happy to connect you to others experiencing similar emotions and challenges. We sincerely hope you make the most of this season and enjoy some of the magic it has to offer.

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