How can home hemodialysis improve my quality of life?


Home hemodialysis (HHD) can allow you to take more control of your kidney health and your life by offering flexibility and comfort that’s harder to come by with in-center dialysis. For many patients of chronic kidney disease, assuming greater responsibility for their care can be empowering.

Those considering home hemodialysis may want to:

  • continue working
  • develop or maintain an active lifestyle
  • spend time with friends and family
  • have more flexibility with their time

We at Cincinnati Home Dialysis have seen the benefits for our patients firsthand. Ultimately, the decision to pursue HHD is between you and your doctor, but there are several important benefits of HHD to consider while you’re reviewing your options.

Home hemodialysis may allow you to continue working.

Maintaining a job can be a key component of a fulfilling life for dialysis patients. Receiving HHD could make this possible. If you’re considering working while receiving home treatment, consult with your nephrologist and social worker. Your care team is a great resource for helping you balance work, life, and dialysis.

Home hemodialysis may be more comfortable for you than in-center treatment.

When you perform HHD, you will have a comfortable chair to relax in during treatment in the familiar surroundings of your home. For many patients, this can ease tension, improve mood, and even provide a source of entertainment if you choose to watch TV or read a book during treatment.

HHD lets you get back to doing more of what you love.

Whether keeping up with your exercise regimen, spending time with friends and family, or exploring your hobbies, home hemodialysis offers treatment on your schedule. Without long visits to a dialysis center, you can spend less time getting to your treatments and sitting in your treatments and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Before deciding what treatment option is right for you, talk to your care team about your lifestyle needs, healthcare needs, and available options. Cincinnati Home Dialysis is here to guide our patients through this process. For more information on other dialysis options, visit our treatment options page.

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