Managing stress with home dialysis


As a home dialysis patient, a big part of your life is managing the physical aspects of your health. Between performing treatments, following diet recommendations from your care team, and maintaining an active lifestyle, it can be easy to let stress go unchecked.

Stress can wreak havoc on your body in the long term, and contribute to the worsening of chronic conditions like kidney disease. That’s why it’s so important to make mental and emotional health a part of your kidney care regimen.

At Cincinnati Home Dialysis, we support the holistic well-being of our patients from all walks of life. Here are a few of our recommendations for managing stress and negative thoughts.

Keep doing what gives you joy

One of the benefits of home hemodialysis is having the flexibility to keep living life on your terms. You may need to enjoy these activities at different times than you used to depending on your treatment schedule, but making them a priority is a great way to relieve stress and take time for yourself.

Stay connected to your support network

Maybe you call your family members weekly or meet-up with friends on a regular basis. Being open with your network can help you work through difficult situations and emotions. Nurturing these connections is a reminder that there are many people who support you and want to help you as much as they can. 

Consider seeking additional support

Friends and family can be great resources for working through stress, but sometimes an outside perspective can be exactly what you need. Your care team can recommend local support groups where you can discuss the stresses of living with chronic kidney disease with those who know what it’s like. Your care team may also refer you to a therapist who can support you through this transition.


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