Who is on my care team?

Beginning dialysis can be a bit scary at first, but your care team at Cincinnati Home Dialysis will be there with you every step of the way to make this transition as easy as possible and answer any questions you have. Your care team consists of the following members dedicated to your wellbeing:

  • Your nephrologist – prescribes the amount of dialysis you’ll need and monitors your health.
  • Nurse – will train and prepare you for the home treatments.
  • Dietitian – works with you to create a dietary plan that suits your kidney care.
  • Social worker – counsels you on any lifestyle barriers or matters.
  • Home care treatment partner – a close friend, family member, or nurse who will assist with your treatments and make sure everything goes smoothly.

What can I expect during home hemodialysis training?

What if I need help or have questions during my home treatment?

How often will I need to see my nephrologist?