Mental health tips for surviving a pandemic


The phrase “self care” is thrown around so often these days that it can feel a bit dismissive. In practice, taking care of yourself during a pandemic is difficult! Home dialysis patients have the added challenge of navigating their communities with a heightened risk of infection. At Cincinnati Home Dialysis, we understand the toll that living through this season can have on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Here are a few tips for getting through it.

Be gentle with yourself

Maybe you hoped to take a vacation this summer, attend a relative’s wedding, or get back to work. It’s okay to acknowledge that things aren’t so great right now. Call friends and family to talk about what you’re experiencing. Write about what’s bothering you in a journal. Give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling. When you identify where you are mentally and emotionally, it becomes easier to accept those feelings and begin to release them.

Limit media time

Keeping up with what’s going on in the world and in your community is important, but choose reputable outlets and limit the time you spend reading or watching. As you probably know, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of bad news, particularly on social media. Set a schedule for how often you’ll read the news or check your social media profiles, and stick to it. Maybe it’s 30 minutes in the morning, or five minutes three times a day. Whatever you choose, avoid checking the news before bed, as this can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep.

Create routines

Routines create structure and can help you feel more in control of your time. Take a walk or exercise on the same days each week. Enjoy a quiet, tech-free moment outside every day. And of course, stick to the home dialysis schedule you’ve established with your care team. These may seem like ordinary things, but they can go a long way in creating a some sense of normalcy.

Celebrate the little things

You’re wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and mostly staying home. The steps you take to keep yourself and your community safe are worth celebrating. Take comfort in knowing you’re doing everything you can to slow the spread of COVID-19 – these actions are so important.


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