Cincinnati Home Dialysis Featured on SeniorsMatter


Cincinnati Home Dialysis is proud to announce our recent feature in the SeniorsMatter directory. 

Identifying trustworthy providers can be a time consuming, stressful endeavor. The SeniorsMatter directory exists to connect caregivers to reputable services for senior loved ones in their local area.

SeniorsMatter and Cincinnati Home Dialysis understand the importance of helping patients lead independent, fulfilling lives in their own homes. We’ve seen first-hand how our home dialysis patients get better sleep, have more energy, require less medication, enjoy more flexibility in their diets, and have a better quality of life overall.

As a local physician-owned dialysis practice, we pride ourselves on providing personalized kidney care to our patients. We’d greatly appreciate your review of Cincinnati Home Dialysis on our SeniorsMatter directory listing.

SeniorsMatter has a variety of useful resources for the caregivers of elderly dialysis patients. Check out their other Cincinnati-based directories for estate planning, home care, transportation, and more.


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