Tips to stay active this winter


Staying active is an important part of your kidney health and home dialysis lifestyle. Even gentle movement has a positive effect on your body and mind. But when it’s cold and dark by 5:30pm, it can be tough to find the motivation to exercise. Here are a few tips to moving as this winter.

Embrace the cold!

Pick a dry day to take a nature walk around your local park. Be sure to protect your skin with gloves, a hat, scarf, and coat. Base layers help cut through cold wind to keep you comfortable.

Indoor workouts

When the weather is just too frightful to head outdoors, bring your workout inside. Follow along to a workout video on YouTube or Instagram – many of these are free! Look for workouts that incorporate low-intensity strength building like yoga, pilates, and gentle weight lifting.

You might even think about creating a home gym. You don’t need much to get going. A light set of weights, resistance bands, and an exercise ball make great starter equipment for any fitness level.

Tackle a home project

Anyone who has ever scrubbed a shower knows: cleaning absolutely counts toward your physical activity requirements! And you have the added bonus of knocking a few things off your to-do list and making your home sparkle for the holiday season.

Join a gym

For some, having a separate space outside the home to workout is more enjoyable. If it’s within your budget and your local rate of COVID-19 transmission is low, consider joining your local gym. Gyms offer an extensive range of workout equipment, and some even offer group fitness classes. Make sure you maintain physical distance between others at the gym and consider going when it’s the least crowded.


Looking for more ideas to get moving this winter? Not sure what makes sense for your fitness level? Talk to your Cincinnati Home Dialysis care team.


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