5 kidney-friendly veggies and fruits to add to your home garden


As temperatures slowly inch above the 50s around the tristate, many of us are looking forward to gardening season. Now is a great time to start planning. No matter how much growing space you have at home, you can cultivate your own produce with any budget. Gardening is a great way for home dialysis patients to get some light exercise and stay invested in a dialysis diet. (Fueling up with kidney-friendly foods you grew yourself is much more satisfying!)

Whether you’re planning your first patio container garden or are a seasoned raised bed gardener, consider adding these kidney-friendly vegetables and fruits to your home garden this year. 


3 Health Trends for Home Dialysis Patients in 2022


In the new year, many people, including kidney patients, are taking a fresh look at their health. And as COVID-19 maintains a constant presence in our lives, there’s never been a better time to examine our wellness habits and routines. Here are a few health trends home dialysis patients can take advantage of in 2022.     


Sodium Swaps for the Home Dialysis Diet


As a home dialysis patient, you likely already know how important it is to drastically reduce your sodium intake. Consuming large amounts of sodium can make high blood pressure even worse, leading to increased kidney damage.

But in a food landscape surrounded by sodium, cutting back is easier said than done. Here are a few sodium swaps to make your home dialysis diet both healthy and satisfying.  


How Can I Safely Participate in Lent While on Dialysis?

CHD march blog photo_pixabay

With Easter approaching in just a few weeks, many in the Cincinnati area observe Lent or simply enjoy participating in local fish fry events. For dialysis patients, maintaining a kidney-friendly diet during this season can pose a challenge.

Every home dialysis patient’s dietary needs are different, so it’s important to consult with your dietitian and care team before making adjustments to your eating habits. Generally, dialysis patients are advised to avoid foods with sodium, including fried foods, which can cause fluid to build up in your body and raise your blood pressure.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot participate in meatless Fridays or even your local fish fry.