3 Health Trends for Home Dialysis Patients in 2022


In the new year, many people, including kidney patients, are taking a fresh look at their health. And as COVID-19 maintains a constant presence in our lives, there’s never been a better time to examine our wellness habits and routines. Here are a few health trends home dialysis patients can take advantage of in 2022.     

Fuel your immune system

The kidneys play a powerful role in immune health. When the kidneys are damaged and unable to perform their functions effectively, the immune system suffers as well. This makes it all the more important for home dialysis patients to take an active role in boosting immune health.

Fueling your body with a rainbow of dialysis-diet-friendly fruits and vegetables is a great way to support your immune function. Different colored fruits and veggies provide different nutrients and health benefits to the body. Aim to incorporate about seven different colors of fruits and veggies into your meals each day. (For example: blueberries, carrots, grapes, broccoli, corn, red bell peppers, and onions) Plus, by avoiding or eliminating ultra-processed foods, you’re steering clear of nitrate, phosphate, and sodium sources that your kidneys have to work harder to filter.

Track your mood

The pandemic has brought mental health to the forefront of conversations about wellness. There are several trending ways to keep track of your mental health and create regular check-ins with yourself.

Some fitness trackers and wearables are now able to track your stress levels in the same apps you use to log your workouts and physical activity. (Note: some stress tracking features require paid subscriptions.)

One low-cost way to keep tabs on your stress levels and mood is to keep a mood journal. There are a variety of mood journals out there to purchase, or you can create your own log in a blank notebook. Take note of physical and mental signs of stress, like holding tension in certain areas of your body, racing thoughts, digestive upset, and irritability.

Tracking your mood can help home dialysis patients recognize and process signs of emotional stress and tension in the body and take active steps to address it. That might mean having a heartfelt conversation with a friend or family member or setting up an appointment with a mental health professional.

Take advantage of telehealth

We’ve seen a big boost in telehealth throughout this pandemic, which gives home dialysis patients the opportunity to connect with their care providers without worrying about being exposed to COVID-19 or other viruses during the visit. Dialysis patients should continue to take advantage of telehealth appointments for non-emergency concerns this year. For more information about how to have a successful virtual visit, check out our post with telehealth tips.


Cincinnati Home Dialysis is here to support your kidney health and wellness goals in 2022 and beyond. Always talk to your health care providers before making any drastic lifestyle changes. For more information and personalized wellness plans, connect with your kidney care team.

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